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Graham Hancock: 'In Search of the Lost Civilisation'
  "[...] My books make the case that this extraordinary teaching which deals in sky and ground, matter and spirit, originated with a lost civilisation, a great worldwide prehistoric culture that was all-but wiped out, leaving only a few survivors, in the global floods at the end of the last Ice Age some 12,500 years ago. I believe that these survivors were determined to preserve and to transmit to the future the treasures of their knowledge, that astonishingly they succeeded, and that their legacy in one way or another enlightened all of the high civilisations of antiquity.[...]"
Lost Worlds
  "Ancients & Empires - Ends of the Earth - Dark Secrets - Wild Americas - African Odysseys - Sacred Summits - Ocean Planet"
Ice Age Civilization
  A collection of articles and knowledge on Ice Age people...